Oh the Mighty Hand Lyrics & Charts

Oh the Mighty Hand

Song Credits:

Jonny Robinson

CCLI: 6537397


Verse 1
Oh the mighty hand that controls the sea
Is the hand that fights for and cares for me
And the God who thunders, the God ablaze
Is the God who loves me a million ways

Verse 2
Oh the mountains tremble the earth it shakes
For my God has heard of the laws I break
But He holds the fire of His wrath from me
And He sends His Son to a cruel tree

Praise to God
For the world He made
For the Son He gave
For the price He paid
Praise to God
Let the song be raised
Up to God my God
and the One who saves

Verse 3
Oh His glory more than my eyes can take
For my God He lives in a holy state
But He shows the beat of His heart to me
In the face of Christ for eternity

Verse 4
Oh the saints will roar on the final day
For the mighty King and His glorious name
But the God who reigns as the world shall bow
He is in my heart and He loves me now