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Song Credits:

Jonny Robinson & Rich Thompson 

CCLI: 7007948


Verse 1
Jesus lead me day by day
Fix my eyes upon Your face
Guide my feet Lord as I run
Hold me Saviour in Your love

Verse 2
Jesus keep me free from sin
Help me fight the war within
Shield me now from fear and doubt
Break these chains that weigh me down
Oh we sing together now

Yes! I am running
WonÆt be long ætil I am home
Yes! I am running
Jesus bring me safely home

Verse 3
Jesus You have run the race
Perfect love and perfect faith
We are weary, You are strong
In Your grace we carry on
Oh we sing together now

I do not know what I will see,
when all my tears are wiped away
But I am sure that it will be,
the world that I was saved to see
And He has said that I will know,
a joy beyond my deepest hope
A FatherÆs love, a Sav