Known and Loved Lyrics & Charts

Known and Loved

Song Credits:
Tiarne Tranter, Jaywan Maxwell
& Fiona Aghajanian

CCLI: 71 99820


Verse 1
God you were there from my beginning
For I was crafted by your hands
You see my hopes and hesitations
My days are written in your plan

Verse 2
If you have seen my weakest moments
And still you love me even then
I need no greater confirmation
That God your goodness has no end

I come to Jesus, lay down my weakness
No need for hiding, here in His light
This truth I treasure, my peace forever
Is being known and loved by Him

Verse 3
I trust with Jesus it is finished
For He has paid my every debt
No need to pull it all together
For what is broken He will mend

Verse 4
Though I can’t see the path before me
I know the one who knows the way
And as I walk His hand will guide me
Until I see Him face to face