On That Day Lyrics & Charts

On That Day

Song Credits:
Scott Lavender, Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,
Nigel Hendroff & Michael Farren

CCLI: 71 9981 8


Verse 1
I believe in Christ, risen from the dead
He now reigns victorious, His kingdom knows no end
Through His resurrection death has lost its hold
I know on that final day I’ll rise as Jesus rose

On that day we will see you shining brighter than the sun
On that day we will know you as we lift our voice as one
Till that day we will praise you for your never ending grace
And we will keep on singing on that glorious day

Verse 2
What a blessed hope, though now tired and worn
We will spend eternity around our Saviour’s throne
Though we grieve our losses we grieve not in vain
For we know our crown of glory waits beyond the grave

Hallelujah what a day it will be
For at home with you my joy is complete
As I run into your arms open wide I will see
My father who is waiting for me