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We pray that the lyrics and melodies of these songs would fix eyes, hearts, and minds on Jesus. We pray that our songs might join the many thousands of songs written through history to encourage the church, and when they have played their role, to make way for the next ones.

This sheet music book is a collection of music for congregational worship from our album, There is One Gospel. Featuring 8 new songs and 3 deluxe songs, you’ll find praises to God for our true hope and shared gospel, a treatment of the Lord’s Prayer and some searing honesty from the psalmists, visions of heaven and our coming home to the Father, devotional songs about perfect love bestowed upon us, and reminders for daily rejoicing in all that we do. We pray, as always, that God would be glorified through the songs and the church edified. And now, it’s time for us to get out of the way and for the sound of God’s people to rise up in praise.

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